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Much of modern recruitment resourcing is web-based – so also the tasks associated with Recruitment Process Support - research, searching the web, distributing job specs, response management, correspondence, validating applicants, arranging interviews, assessments, etc.

If team is spending time on the myriad tasks of recruitment process support - then we can save you around 30-35% of your costs. This leaves your HR team in control but frees them for higher value-added, client-facing tasks. We enable you to maximize space, front desk operations and give you first class support on a flexible basis.

The simple truth also is that The Sun Infosystems can alter substantially how recruitment resourcing is delivered - and charged for. By the intelligent use of technology, innovation and an in-built resourcing network we offer professional, ethical recruitment resourcing at rates that will take your Finance Director’s breath away. We can reduce your recruitment costs by 30-40%!
What can we do for you?
Our service can be as simple or as comprehensive as you wish. You may select any combination from range of our services: Recruitment Task Support, Recruitment Resourcing, HR Support.
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